Around Willimantic, CT

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Around Willimantic

Willi Crossing Trestle Bridge Old Dam Gear Pink Moss Man Algae With Moss Laid Off Factory Worker Bridge St. Falls Tracks to Nowhere

From her home State of Maine Jean Henderson moved to Connecticut in 1982. She made her home in Hartford for about a year before moving to Lebanon. In 1996 she adopted Willimantic as her home because it felt so much like her hometown, a college and factory town with a river running through it. Following many, many years of severe depression, Jean finally once again felt the joy of watching the play of light on a subject and dug out the old 35mm camera in December 2008. In August 2009 she made her first digital pictures and began the learning curve which she describes as "climbing a steep mountain sitting in the middle of an ocean." Climbing this mountain also brought her enough joy that her bipolar disorder stabalized. The images presented here were taken in May 2010.