music: the venue

St. Paul's, relatively tall and narrow, with hard plastered walls and wood plank ceiling, is acoustically live. A medium sized pipe organ is installed in the choir loft at the rear of the nave. This is a C.B. Fisk two manual tracker, Opus 57, dating to 1972. It has a few somewhat unusual and interesting features, including Tremulant and Cymbalstar.  For more details see the C.B. Fisk website.

The pews have a seating capacity of about 120.  There is an attached community room, with a kitchen, which can be used for fellowship following services, concerts or other events.

the Fisk organ

     Bourdon                16'
     Prestant                 8'
     Chimney Flute        8'
     Italian  Principal      4'
     Super Octave         2'
     Cornet*              II-III
     Mixture           VI-VIII
     Trumpet                8'

     Open Diapason     8'
     Stopt Diapason     8'
     Flute                   4'
     Doublet               2'
     Terzian                II
     Sharp                  IV
     Cremona              8'

     Bourdon             16'
     Octave                8'
     Sackbut              16'
     Trumpet              8'

     Great to Pedal
     Choir to Pedal
     Choir to Great



* provides Nazard 2-2/3 when drawn halfway